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Monday, October 8, 2012

Aegisub 3.0.1 Released

This is just a quick maintenance release to package up some updates to the translations which were too late for 3.0.0 and fix some easy-to-fix bugs that were reported after 3.0.0 was released. See the changelog for more details.

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  1. Ok, this new improved aegisub has manny good things and naturally the bad things. I don't like so much that new "changes take effect on every typed key", because i don't like for original text to be changed before i want to. I do manny mistakes, but i'm not willing to use "undo" option on every mistake i do. It would be better if some features be optional. I'd prefer my text section to be the same, and when i say that i mean... Original text does not change before i type "Enter" key! I really want to use this new version because is more stable, but if some features can't be optional... back to my unstable one.

  2. I still have error message: Aegisub has crashed while starting up.

  3. Just a small note. I'm more or less liking Aegisub 3 from the cursory glance (I just started doing the first sub job with it).

    However, I must say that I hate your decision to assign the ctrl-I command to the shift dialog (which is AFAICT much less used), instead of the obvious function of setting italics tags to the selected text! When editing subs, I was using that hotkey all the time (you know, for thought lines, voice-overs, conversations over phone/radio, etc), whereas I only use shifting few times per script at most, and those actions aren't as speed-desiring as editing lines.

    /Yours sincerely, Mandarinka/

  4. For the most things I like the changes, some need some getting used to.
    I did notice one thing yesterday while splitting syl for karaoke. It is easier to split the syl but I noticed that there is no hotkey to commit the splits like on the previous version, which makes it take a lot longer having to commit and go to the next line with the mouse. Just being able to press G and commit made it 100 times easier.
    Maybe I missed something?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Access the page and you have the 403 Forbidden error. What’s happening on this page there?

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  7. The site is working fine for a while, and now you get this “403 Forbidden” error.

  8. I hate the audio display being re-written since 2.1.9
    I love the old audio display, it's much efficient for timing with the old display.

    Also, hopefully there's a plugin or build-in feature that allows audio playback to be slowed down 2x or 1.5x, it'll make fine-timing much easier without repeating without being out-speed by the audio while doing the timing and playing the audio at the same time.

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