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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A bit of statistics

As you may know, we have an automatic update checker in Aegisub, you may have noticed it telling you about the 2.1.9 release yesterday.

When we check for updates, we also send a little bit of anonymous system information back, to get an idea of what kind of systems Aegisub is being used on. This allows us to make some basic statistics. Here's a few facts:

In the past 35 hours, about 20,000 checks for updates have been made, in other words, Aegisub gets started more than 550 times an hour, or 13,500 times a day, worldwide. Of course, this only counts those who have automatic update checking enabled.

Those 20,000 checks have originated from slightly under 10,000 unique IP addresses, so the users covered seem to start Aegisub about 1.5 times a day.

Of those 10,000 users covered (we'll assume one IP address is one user), just below 2000 are running 2.1.9 now. There are still about 7500 2.1.8 users checked in, while 325 users are still stuck on 2.1.7... if you are one of those please tell why so we can fix the problem you have with more recent versions!

9700 users are on some Windows version, just below 100 on Mac OS X, and just below 70 on a Linux system. Sorry, with less than 2% of users on non-Windows systems those simply won't get as much attention.

More than 6500 users are on Windows 7, that's pretty cool. 2200 on Windows XP, 600 on Vista, almost 350 on some version Aegisub doesn't recognise (it could be Windows 8 Developer Preview, or maybe Wine), and then there's a few on 2003 Server, and two lone Windows 2000 users.

A little more than 1/3 of the IP addresses have checked in with a US English language operating system. We use the operating system language to gauge what language people prefer using their software in: The language you install your OS in is most likely the language you prefer to use all software in.
Next is Spanish, with a little above 10% of the language count, then follows Russian and French. After that there is a steeper drop and follows is the "long tail", of which the top is Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish and Arabic (Saudi Arabia). The remaining languages all have less than 200 reports counted on them. If all Chinese languages were added together they would be on a fourth place, close behind Russian.

Lastly, if the last half million entries in the logs are counted, more than 165,000 unique IP addresses are seen, but then the time period covered (about 6 weeks) is probably too long for it to be reasonable to assume that one IP equals one user. However, it is likely that there are more than a hundred thousand Aegisub installations around the world. That's pretty good.

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  1. >> just below 100 on Mac OS X, and just below 70 on a Linux system. Sorry, with less than 2% of users on non-Windows systems those simply won't get as much attention.

    Mac OS X version is buggy as hell. That's why I stopped using Aegisub long time ago.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. > and just below 70 on a Linux system
    I just wonder what you expect here? You doesn't make non-Windows builds of Aegisub stable for daily use and even doesn't provide Linux packages (that part may be done very easly this days). Users usually doesn't compile software, you know. And users can't use software that crash even because they just disable splash-screen or software that doesn't display menu in most popular Linux distribution for ONE YEAR until next version released.

    Please just tell me what exactly do you expect?

  4. > Users usually doesn't compile software

    Aegisub is hell to build even for user who actualy does know how to do it. But no big deal here, I've got 2.1.8 binaries in repo and I can stick with them :)

  5. Hello,
    What could I do to help get the Linux (Unix) binary version available? I am not a programmer, in fact, my abilities are more in the area of translation (Brazilian Portuguese X American English).
    I am, although, an avid Linux user and really depend on the linux binary. Is there something I could do to help?

  6. Only because of the craziness of the wxWidgets guys of creating different versions of the library (STL containers? Unicode?) with the same soname the idea of a single binary doesn't look nice. I don't follow the details, but the ffmpeg vs libav thing probably adds more problems.

    I package it for openSUSE because someone asked... If you ask I am sure you will be able to find a packager to create a package for any half-popular distro.

  7. Finally.
    Aegisub is awesome. Ignore the haters. :)

  8. I'm one of the 70 ;)

    Use Aegisub in Linux is very difficult.

  9. I'm also one of the 70 and rather disappointed (but expected) to not be unix binaries for 2.19. Compiling from source code produces some conflicts with already installed packages from the repo and is generally a pita.

    Having said all that, 2.18 still works well and will stick with it for the mean time.

    Nonetheless, thanks for 2.19

  10. Well to be honest Aegisubs doesn't actually work on Macs, so I would guess most who tried have given up. If it worked there would be more than 100 users.

    I came eagerly to this software hoping to start subbing as a volunteer on a fansite and realised pretty quickly it was not possible on my machine.


  11. The Mac version crashes if you try to scroll and you can't change the font or size of the subtitles, it crashes randomly and corrupts your subtitles file.

  12. Last year I used Aegisub, and it worked perfectly on my Mac. This year, I'm trying to use it for my Thesis, and it won't work. I'm very much disappointed.

  13. I'm not one of the 70, but I will as soon as I finish installing it!
    PS. the hell, Aegisub is sending information about my system without even asking me?!

  14. "The language you install your OS in is most likely the language you prefer to use all software in."

    Not necessarily. For windows, you usually have OEM install and the language amtches the country oyu bought the pc in.

    However, some people like to use certain software in english instead of local language, so that the menu/function names and other stuff is consistent with that of other people. It has advantages if you look up information on the web or discuss the software with other people.

    BTW, I also tend to use old versions of aegisub - it's just because I am lazy and unless I have specific problem, I don't update much - I like stuff not changing :)

  15. Hi there.

    I stumbled upon your software & website; and downloaded Aegisub though I've never subbed anything, it may serve me for future projects.

    'Just wanted to say thanks for all your work, what you came up with is complete and offers fantastic possibilities, that make it easier for subbers.
    I'm impressed by that level of professionalism. Not bad for a project you're working on during your free time!

  16. I have two offers for getting the program even more useful and wonderful than it is:
    1. I think that an automation macro that can bring all the punctuation to the start of the line would be very helpful, like the one subtitles workshop have, and also a macro that can reverse the complete subtitle: "hello" becomes "olleh" and such - that would solve many RTL languages problems and would make the work in those languages much much easier than the need of doing it manually.
    2. I think an Equalizer would be very helpful to some timers, and it could be a great improvement to have such tool under the roof of aegisub.
    thank you for your great and professional work and have a great day :D

  17. Well, just CONGRATULATIONS!! you make a good job with this project, thanks you a lot! keep going!

  18. Oh, man... I am one of the 100 and I'll stick with 2.1.8... Because 2.1.9 simply denies, that my Mac IS an Intel and wont launch. OS X.6.8, Intel Core Duo. *shakes head*

  19. Love Aegisub. Have used it for years. Just recently I've used it to extract and edit subtitles imbedded in .mkv files. It works great for about half of the video and leaves blanks for the rest of the video. Anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong.

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