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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aegisub 2.1.9 released


Sorry about the delays.


Q: Why all those delays?
A: First it was blamed on laziness. Then, FFmpegSource 2.17 was getting incredibly close to release and it was thought it was best to wait for those. Then when that happened an older problem resurfaced, not having sufficient access to the servers. All of this was finally resolved yesterday.

Q: So what's new?
A: Lots of stuff, although most of it is just bug fixes. See the changelog on the main site.

Q: I downloaded one of the release candidates, should I re-download?
A: The very last release candidate put up (on January 24th) was used for the actual release. If you got an earlier one and didn't update it, you should re-download it. ffms2.dll should be 6.209.024 bytes.

Q: Where are the Linux binaries
A: People actually used those? Those static binaries we offered for the 2.1.8 release were a bit of a hassle to use, and it turned out they weren't very flexible either. (In particular, because they were built with an older version of wxWidgets, all menu bars suddenly disappeared when they were run under Ubuntu with Unity.) If there is enough demand we might try to make some new ones available, but don't count on it. Ask your distribution's packagers to make some nice packages, it should be quite possible now.

Q: Why did you remove <insert language> dictionary from the installer?
A: Because it was taking up space that could be saved, there's no sense in increasing everyone's download by 10 MB for getting 20 dictionaries most people will use at most 1 or 2 of. Therefore all dictionaries but US English spell-checker were removed from the main installer. All of the dictionaries previously included in the main installer have been made available as separate installers, so you can get just those you need. (Also, the dictionaries rarely changed between Aegisub versions so there wasn't much reason for upgraders to re-download those every time.)

Q: So these are really the final builds, right? No more changes?
A: The Mac OS X package might get updated at some point! It was built rather long ago and there have surely been updates for various libraries (especially wxWidgets) since then, so it can use an update. When that happens, we will try to make sure the in-program update checker notices you about it.

Q: The Portable version should be a simple archive file, not an installer!
A: It is. The Portable version is a RAR self-extracting archive, so use whatever archiver program you prefer to extract it if you don't like the GUI supplied or need to pull out single files or such.

Q: Is this bug-free now?
A: Of course not, bug-free software is nearly impossible to make, but it's much better than previous versions. (In fact, we already have a couple of known bugs in 2.1.9.) A 2.1.10 version might happen at some point.

Q: I found a bug! How do I tell you guys about it?
A: Come talk to us on IRC. Or on the forum. Or post it directly on the bug-tracker, but if you do that and it's not actually a bug, or is already known, we will ridicule you.

Please remember that the blog comments are not for asking for general help or reporting problems, you will most likely get ignored if you do that.

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    Now let's wait a few more years for 3.0.

  2. > Ask your distribution's packagers to make some nice packages
    We ask, but they doesn't make it:

    Maybe Aegisub Team provide packages created by Open Build Service or at least set up official Aegisub PPA on with latest stable and unstable packages? (Looks like Rickard Närström doesn't maintain their PPA anymore and doesn't use their Gmail account.)

  3. Oh~ Finally!
    Thanks for the release!

  4. Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it.

  5. Thank you for the release~

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