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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Call for translators

Version 2.1.9 is still getting closer to being ready for release, although there's still some actual issues needing, at the very least, testing.

However, there are some user interface languages we had in 2.1.8 or earlier versions, where the translator has gone missing, or just hasn't responded to my mail.

  • Catalan (Eduard)

  • Farsi (Meysam)

  • Korean (unknown)

  • Polish (Adam)

  • Vietnamese (Hung NGUYEN, OnEsChi)

  • Chinese, both Traditional and Simplified (mkboy2)

If you are one of the people listed here I would appreciate if you could contact me. If you otherwise speak one of these languages well and want to help, I would also love to hear so.

For most languages, there are just 5 strings in the main program that need translation. The exception to this is Polish, which has several more new strings.

Someone calling himself "Lingüista" also created a European Spanish translation recently, but did not leave any contact information. I think many people would appreciate being able to choose between a European Spanish and a Latin American Spanish translation. If you can help with a European Spanish translation you can see the work done currently on ticket 1220 on our Trac.

If you are interested in the process of translating Aegisub you can find more information on the Translations page on our Trac wiki.

Update: The Korean, Polish, Vietnamese and Chinese translations have been updated now.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Just release it in English. I can't wait!

  3. karaoke if that changes the border color is wonderful

  4. Without the translations this program will be delayed. So, anyone is interessed to translate with no more fuzzy translations?

  5. Could you tell us what are the new features of the next Aegisub version?

  6. I suppose I should have written this to the forum, but it is easier here.

    he one thing that annoys me most about Aegisub is this:

    Even though I can assign Aegisub as the default editor/app for srt files (i.e. when I double click on an srt file it gets opened in Aegisub), when it comes to saving that srt file I have to go through quite a bit of hassle:

    Aegisub doesn't simply let me click 'File|Save' (if I do that, it tries to save it as .ass file); I have to 'File|Export' and then click OK on a new dialog which opens another filesave dialog... which means I have to hunt for the location of the .srt file I have just edited to save over it.

    This is inhumane ;)

    Couldn't you just re-organize it so that when I click 'File|Save' it simply saves in the format the file was opened with Aegisub (without even asking a Yes/No for overwrite).

    And, if I need to save it in any other format I could use File|SaveAs.

  7. How about *.webm?
    Current of Aegisub don't support *.webm.
    It's pity. T_T

  8. Can i translate into Vietnamese for this Application ? my email :

  9. I could help with the Catalan version if you don't mind. You can contact me here:

  10. would the new version be compatible with the newest OS X for mac?
    i've downloaded the current version but everytime i open the application, it crashes immediately.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I could translate to Turkish (not in the list .-.), if you want. Contact me here:

  13. WHAT ABOUT ARABIC ???????? there is a huge amount of fansubbers are currently all using Aegisub and most of them speaks Arabic. if you need any translation with Arabic language please please contact me at

    I speak fluent Arabic and i can translate fast. because i have my own fansub group and most of us speaks Arabic. there is more than 500 arabic groups who all using Aegisub to translate and each group has at least 9-15 people.

    i open my email every single day.

  14. Uh, I think you're confused about the topic of this blog post.

    The topic of this post was getting already existing translations updated, not adding more translations.

    If you want to make a new translation, do as everyone else: Grab the translation source (.pot file), translate it, and create a ticket with the resulting .po file attached on our Trac.

  15. have you ever thought about implementing away to change speeds in playback of audio?

  16. Webvtt future support?

  17. That's great, if you search you'll see that the language most used the program is Arab, It would be great making a copy Arabic language

  18. I'm gonna translate it to Arabic, cause most of arabic fansubbers are useing Aegisub.

    Why don't you release beta version?

    Hope to see new options!

    Good luck.

  19. Oh, here's my email:

  20. Can i translate into Arabic ?

  21. I can continue "mesysam" Farsi translation.
    Contact me if you can.
    Thanks for your kindness.

  22. I did not seem to sleep when no appearance of Aegisub 2.1.9 version. And every day I check the blog before watching the news the other, but it seems hopeless. When you have not seen official announcement on the release of version 2.1.9

  23. any chance to release 2.1.9 this year?

  24. is there going to be a aegisub 2.1.9 or just dreams?

  25. 2.1.9 is finished, tagged in SVN, compiled, and waiting for FFmpegSource 2.17 to be released so we can ship with that.

    1. please make the version 2.1.9 support the srt files ...!!!

  26. FFmpegSource 2.17

  27. jfs ffmpegsource 2.17 is released so aegisub should be released too

  28. Yes 2.17 is released, I am now waiting to get access to the servers so I can actually upload the packages and update the websites. Yes this sounds absurd, I know.

  29. Why was British English spell checker removed?

  30. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say "cara mengobati kurap di leher belakang". All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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  36. I often visit this site to get instant translation from Spanish to English


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