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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aegisub 2.1.8 released

It finally happened. About 6 weeks later than planned.
We have released Aegisub version 2.1.8.

Download it from

So what's new? Not a whole lot, actually. The major news would be that we now have versions for Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix systems. Do note that especially the Mac version is unstable and has several known problems, we consider it alpha quality software.

For the Windows version, the major highlights are:

  • Video should now work on almost all systems, the display code has been made much more robust.
  • The "Could not lock buffer for filling" audio bug has been fixed.
  • We have an Upgrade installer, which is much less to download. If you already have 2.1.7 release installed, this is the fastest way to get up-to-date. (But it only works on exactly 2.1.7 release. Not on older versions. Not on pre-release versions.)
  • The Portable version is now feature-complete, save for ASSDraw3, which we can't easily make portable. But you do get all dictionaries and translations in the portable versions now.
You can see everything in the full changelog.

Update: There is a mistake in the installer causing the Russian and Vietnamese program translations to be mixed up. We have uploaded updated installers for Windows. If you downloaded 2.1.8 early and have problems with Russian or Vietnamese, download the Upgrade installer, it can correct the problem.

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  1. Muito obrigado!

    Downloading right now! ;D

  2. There was a problem with the installer, causing the Russian and Vietnamese translations to be mixed up.

    If you have problems with any of those, download the Upgrade installer to have it fixed.

  3. openSUSE 11.2 package available:

  4. Many many tnx for aegisub developers:D.
    Is there any posibility that i can translate to my birth language this great software:D

  5. If you want to help translating Aegisub, see here:

  6. YAHOO! Thank you so much. I can now use it on linux ALL RIGHT! Thanks for this amazing program

  7. Thx for reply jfs:D

  8. My OS is Win7 ultimate and when I use the 2.1.8 version to open a video whose file name contains Janpanese characters, aegisub will not work and pop up a window saying that Avisynth error: FFvideosource can't open "I:/XXX.mp4" ffmpegsource video provider: Failed to create indexer: failed to open "I:/XXX.mp4" for hashing.However, after I change the file name to pure English letters, it works.

  9. Forgot to mension that the previous versions worked pretty well with such files

  10. Anonymous:
    We have had several reports of issues with non-ASCII filenames, but nobody who has a chance to debug it has ever been able to reproduce the bug.
    My best suggestion right now, which seems to work for at least some, is to make sure you have no files anywhere else on your system named "ffms2.dll". (You can have FFMS2 in other places, it must just be named something else!)

  11. Yay, Aegisub supported Vietnamese memu.
    But i think some menu name shouldn't be traslated, because it's so simple and common.
    - Audio (not Âm thanh)
    - Video (not Hình ảnh)
    - Automation. (Not Tự động)
    And some others:
    - "Use dummy video..." may be translated is "Sử dụng video tạm" or "Sử dụng Video mẫu" not "video giả"
    - "Subtitles grid" : "Chia màu phụ đề" or "Tách màu phụ đề", gird - đánh dấu (mark)
    Menu context
    - Insert at video time : chèn tại thời gian hiện giờ
    Style manager
    - Spacing : "độ giãn chữ" or "khoảng cách", "độ giãn"
    - Outline : "viền chữ" (like border) or "viền"
    Shift times
    - Start time: "thời gian đầu" ; end time: "thời gian cuối"
    Start time and end time: Cả bắt đầu và kết thúc

  12. Jofori: If you want to discuss the Vietnamese translation you're probably better off contacting the person who made it, NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng. His e-mail address is in the vi.po file which can be found on the SVN repository.

  13. Even though it is only alpha quality, I cannot believe the OSX version is released!!!!
    Good first step!!!

  14. finally aegisub works great on unix!!!

    but, there is a little bug with fedora 12: special characters don't work. some exemples: á à é ó and the list goes on.

  15. @Otávio Módolo

    Try "use clipboard for Unicode" In Vietnamese, we have same characters like that, ê, ề, ạ, ú, ó, ò,...

  16. I have a doubt, my Aegisub is having trouble loading a video codec Lagarinth with avi container, every time i try to load the video aegisub will crash... any ideas how to solve this issue?

  17. If you're having crashes with Aegisub, please post on our forum. Remember to include the crash log file, just copy and paste it into your post on the forum.

  18. Audio rarely works...Going back to 2.1.7

  19. God, I love you for the Mac version, even if it's unstable!
    I'll wait for your upgrade ^^

  20. i am getting an error about failed to set video
    ffmpegsource factory FFmpegsource video provider. Failed to create indexer: can't open "*.d2v"
    then similar message in window regarding avisynth factory

    my file and folders have no special characters, just generic "VideoFile.d2v" and english titled folders

    i tried the rename of the dll files found in megui offline dir, still no luck.

    it was working fine until i updated aegis and some files in megui(?)

    win7x64 Ultimate
    aegis (portable) 2.1.8
    megui (offline) 1911 (svn)

    any help what i might have done wrong or what i can do to fix this would be great.
    It was all working till i updated, might be the megui updates, not sure.

  21. Hello ~
    I have a problem with Aegisub and need your help.
    I see that this Aegisub 2.1.8 can run on Windows NT. I'm using Windows NT 6.1 right now. But when I run, it doesn't appear anything. I don't know how to fix this.
    Please help me!
    Thank you!


If you need help with Aegisub or have a bug report please use our forum instead of leaving a comment here. If you have a feature request, please go to our UserVoice page.

You will get better help on our forum than in the blog comments.