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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aegisub 2.1.8 released

It finally happened. About 6 weeks later than planned.
We have released Aegisub version 2.1.8.

Download it from

So what's new? Not a whole lot, actually. The major news would be that we now have versions for Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix systems. Do note that especially the Mac version is unstable and has several known problems, we consider it alpha quality software.

For the Windows version, the major highlights are:

  • Video should now work on almost all systems, the display code has been made much more robust.
  • The "Could not lock buffer for filling" audio bug has been fixed.
  • We have an Upgrade installer, which is much less to download. If you already have 2.1.7 release installed, this is the fastest way to get up-to-date. (But it only works on exactly 2.1.7 release. Not on older versions. Not on pre-release versions.)
  • The Portable version is now feature-complete, save for ASSDraw3, which we can't easily make portable. But you do get all dictionaries and translations in the portable versions now.
You can see everything in the full changelog.

Update: There is a mistake in the installer causing the Russian and Vietnamese program translations to be mixed up. We have uploaded updated installers for Windows. If you downloaded 2.1.8 early and have problems with Russian or Vietnamese, download the Upgrade installer, it can correct the problem.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Linking to Aegisub

Okay, since Aegisub has had a lot of different websites and lots of different URLs throughout the years, I thought it'd be time to clear up things a bit.

These are the correct addresses to link to:

Two things happened last night: We set up a new, temporary website at, this site will be replaced with a more complete website at a later point. When that happens, the purpose of this blog will change back to the original one: A developer blog, not a general news site.
Also, the old Mediawiki installation at was deleted last night, and set up to redirect to the new website. Please do not make direct links to addresses, they will become invalid at some point.

We will of course try to keep old URLs valid as long as possible, but please try to update all existing links you reasonably can.

The network problems previously mentioned in this post have been resolved.