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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting ready for 2.1.8

It's been a little over three months since we released 2.1.7 stable, and we are happy to announce that version 2.1.8 is getting closer every day.

After we released 2.1.7 we split Aegisub development into two main branches: The stable branch where we apply bugfixes for the last stable version, and the development trunk where we work on grand new features.

For all of you not using Windows we also have some good news. Aegisub 2.1.8 is well on the way to become the first version we can call stable on Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX systems. There's only a few build-system issues remaining to fix. (Unfortunately it isn't as well for the Mac version, more on that later in this post.)

More on what you can expect to see in 2.1.8 after the jump.

The perhaps most important bug-fix in 2.1.8 for many people will be for the issue hitting everyone on Windows 7: "Could not lock buffer for filling" when trying to play audio. It turned out to be a really silly problem, but now it's fixed.

Another problem a lot of people have had is opening high-definition video, getting cryptic "Failed seeking video" errors. It turns out this is caused by some very limited OpenGL drivers shipped by Microsoft that can't handle texture images larger than 1024x1024 pixels. If you install a graphics driver directly from your chip manufacturer (usually NVidia, AMD ATI or Intel) you should get a better OpenGL driver, but it can be tricky and might not always be possible. We do have a solution for this in our unstable branch, and if it doesn't break anything else we should get it into the 2.1.8 release.

We also fixed some issues with slow seeking in MKV files and opening files with Unicode filenames in FFmpegSource2, and some bugs in Automation 4 Lua. Notably, the new "relayer" and "restyle" functions in Karaoke Templater didn't actually work, they have been fixed.

There's more minor problems most of you probably haven't bumped into, you can see an overview of everything on the bug tracker: Milestone 2.1.8 issues.

There are also some things we'd have loved to get in, but just aren't feasible. Some people have complained that the audio spectrum display is very slow, which is entirely true, but it turns out that fixing it causes an avalanche of other problems to pop up, and it's just such a major undertaking that it will never make it into the 2.1.x series of Aegisub. But you can be assured that there is a major rewrite of things under way, and it's very fast!

As mentioned at the beginning, it also seems like we won't be able to get a really stable version for Mac out in the 2.1.x line of Aegisub. The technical reason is that we use wxWidgets 2.8, which has some big problems on Mac in some core areas Aegisub depends on, and we can't switch Aegisub 2.1 to use wxWidgets 2.9 without causing a lot of new bugs to pop up. Our unstable development branch is using wxWidgets 2.9 however, and it's looking very good on Mac, but the changes required to support wxWidgets 2.9 in Aegisub were large enough that they aren't getting into Aegiub 2.1.

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  1. This is cool. What about Kumaji, though? What's the progress?

  2. Kumaji is stalled for the moment... sorry.

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great program. I'm a 64 bit Linux user, and even if Aegisub isn't the most stable, it's still far and away the most feature-full subtitle-editor that I have seen. Cheers

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks for making such a good program and a detailed manual, I love this tool.

    It's wonderful we have Aegisub to subtitle our favorite videos, thanks a lot.

  6. "Aegisub 2.1.8 is well on the way to become the first version we can call stable on Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX systems."

    Oh dear, I words can't express how happy I am! Ç__Ç

  7. Two more things we're doing for 2.1.8:

    An upgrade installer, if you're using 2.1.7 (and maybe also 2.1.6, we haven't decided yet) you can save about 2/3 of the download size with an upgrade installer.

    File associations have been overhauled to better follow Microsoft's guidelines, support the UI provided by Windows and play nicer with other programs. The installer will set up the basic stuff and take associations for some types if something else doesn't have it already, and you will (optionally) be asked on startup whether you want Aegisub to take over types it doesn't have, the same way browsers do. This integrates fully with the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Default Programs control panel, as well as the Open With functionality in Explorer.

    Also, if some of the people who had trouble with the 2.1.7 installer and Kapersky Internet Security 8 could contact me, I'd like to test whether the installer still has those problems. (If you had other problems with the 2.1.7 installer you can also contact me!)

  8. Yahoo! at last. Thank you very much for this info jfs. I am really looking forward to this. And thanks for this amayzing program.

  9. I wish somebody ported Aegisub to Mac OSX Snow Leopard... I'm gonna have to stick with dual-booting... Thanks for the software it works great. You guys should sell this instead of distributing it for free...

  10. Thanks very much Jfs, and the development team.
    Aegisub is the finest Subtitle Editor these days :D

  11. I will love you very much for a fix from those "Failed seeking video" errors asap ToT~ Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi, Thanks alot for ur Great software , many thanks, good to know its on its way for Unix :) keep it up.

    There is somthing I dont know if i can do it or not yet, its the Auto spellchecker i cant write clearly its pis me off, can u ( or is there) make a way to disable it? since alot of langs arnt supported yet? thanks.

  13. Thank you very much! I've used Aegisub a lot on both Windows and Linux systems. Your efforts on fixing things for the Linux port is very much appreciated. :)

  14. As packager of the version from, what I would like to see in "the first version we can call stable on Linux" is:
    - More use of system libs
    Most distros already have Boost and Mesa (glext.h). We also prefer to use the system libass version.
    - Do not attach the build time
    Builds should be reproducible, the build time breaks that without any obvious gain.
    - Parameter in configure to set dictionary path
    openSUSE has system dictionaries at /usr/share/myspell. I would like to be able to use them without patching the sources.
    - Stable default audio player
    The default, ALSA, isn't stable in 2.1.7. I change the default to OpenAL that works a lot better... Fix ALSA or change the default to OpenAL.

  15. hmmm

    I am waiting the new version

    I hope this problem is solved: when I open a long-duration video... the audio don't work properly


  16. looking forward to 2.2 for mac then?

    Can't wait.

  17. Oh thank you for linux version)
    Wish i can get it from off.ubuntu rep ))

  18. We now have everything ready for both an upgrade version installer (it will only work on top of 2.1.7) and a package for the portable version. The portable version now also uses InnoSetup, but of course won't create file associations, uninstallers and so on. I have properly tested the runtime libraries for the portable version this time so it should work for everyone. The portable version will now also contain everything except for ASSDraw3, because we can't make that portable straight away.

  19. when the version 2.1.8 will be released?

    and: what are the main features of it?

  20. eagerly waiting ( althought i'm not an advanced user :D )

  21. q8hek ::

    We Waiting >> the New Version .. thanks for Every

    one on The Staff

  22. Feature Request: Can I request frame navigation, i.e. one button to go forward and another one to go backward, and if it is possible to allow us add subtitles in this manner. I think it is easier this way. Please do comment on it.

    Thank you

  23. Anonymous:
    Try pushing the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard while the video area has focus. (You can give it focus by clicking on the video.)

    But we are not adding new features to the 2.1 series, it's in maintenance and bugfixing only. Use our UserVoice page (see the sidebar here on the blog) for feature requests.

  24. i never use

    but i want to try it

    i think it may be good in use

  25. No doubt, its a great program, only minor comment:
    When I play the video file showing the subtitles I expect the text window to scroll down automatic and the subtitle shown in the video window to be highlighted in text window. this helps a lot in the editing process

  26. Anonymous:
    See this about the "autoscrolling" you want:

  27. can aegisub support right to left language?

  28. great thanks , and what about arabic problem ? , when you write arabic word and put dot mark [.] its become from left not right like when we write un arabic .

  29. Regarding Arabic and other right to left languages, there are two problems in supporting them: First, the text editor control we use doesn't support bidirectional text well. Supposedly it's possible to get some kind of support for it, but it might require lots of platform-specific code and such, we haven't fully investigated it.

    The second, and much worse, problem, is the subtitle renderer itself. VSFilter makes no attempts at supporting bidirectional text and override tags totally breaks everything. You may be able to get Windows' text layout engine to do the right thing with punctuation characters by inserting Unicode directional marker characters, I haven't tested that myself. But fundamentally, it's not a problem that can be fixed, because that would make lots of existing subtitle files stop working correctly.

  30. korisaiko@gearthirdfansubDecember 27, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    Aegisub ! The best as usual ! Thanks for all !

  31. Getting closer means...??? o.o

  32. Well the release should be soon givne that the tickets have all been closed and it is again, 'late', but at least the progress is at 100% now opposed to before, so hopefully within the end of the month I hope.

  33. How come I dont heard a sound when play the video without loading the audio up? with 2.1.7 I was still be able to play the video without loading the audio

  34. Thienly: Please read the changelog. It's clearly written there that it is an intentional change and we changed that behaviour because the old behaviour caused too many problems.
    Even if you did not have problems with it, many other people had and we don't want to have a feature that promises something but causes crashes for many users.

  35. I'm having some trouble w/ 2.1.7...I can't get sound? Is there a good reason for that? Anyone???

  36. I really can't get this version to work properly on my Mac. Quite sad because it means I'll have to wait to use the Windows computer at home which is a shared computer...

  37. I am using the Mac version, 2.1.8. For reasons unknown to me, after a few minutes, the video and audio playbacks start to get stuck, skip, jump, etc, like a spoilt DVD disc. This happens to any video I use so it is not the video's problem.
    I am using MacBook Pro OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).

    I have used the Windows version before and it worked beautiful. Please make it work for Mac too. Thank you!

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