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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bug tracker back!

Yep, we got the bug tracker back online!

Unfortunately, since we only had an old back-up, about 6 weeks of activity was lost. The URL is the same as before and should work everywhere already.

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  1. Hello there.

    Since this was the most recent post I decided to comment here, but the subject of this comment is not related to the original post.

    I just want to say a very big Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! May you live happily forever, or as long as possible.

    I think you should put up a guestbook here for us who want to thank you for the great software you have created and for how it has enabled us of absorbing more anime than ever :-)

  2. Hey guys,
    Thanks for making Aegisub. I got a question about letter spacing [can't seem to find it in the wiki]. Is there a way to create a style with a negative letter spacing? Some fonts [like Rotis] look better with a -1 spacing.

  3. Nope, negative spacing isn't possible. Also please use our forum for asking questions instead of unrelated blog posts :)

  4. Hi, I don't think this is the right place, but your bug tracker seems down again, and besides I'm not sure if it's ok to report a bug of VSFilter to Aegisub's bug tracker. Anyway, I was advised to talk to you. This is a very general bug: \4a is wrong if softsubbed and rendered by VSFilter/MPC, when 2 subs are overlapped time-wise. It's ok if hardsubbed, like through TextSub().
    Could you check it when you have time?

    Also, I'd appreciate it if, in general, you could check Guliverkli2 bug tracker. Thank you.

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