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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aegisub 2.1.6 released


Apparently the fix on 2.1.5 caused audio selection to become much slower. This release will hopefully fix all of those issues. Since this is a very minor change, you can download a RAR with only the new executable (plus its pdb) and extract it over the 2.1.5 install (typically "C:\Program Files\Aegisub"). The RAR "patch" is available here. [Exias' mirror]

If you want to download the complete 2.1.6 installer, you can download it here. [Exias' mirror]

Also, a cookie to the first one who can tell me what Hollywood movie is related to this particular version number. ;)

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  1. o.o really fast


  2. Actually I sneaked another small change into this version, the colour picker dialogue now has a small arrow next to the vertical bar to make it easier to spot the "cursor" on it.

  3. Pi-Faith in Chaos
    Give me my cookie

  4. looks like opening of Audio file (either external or built-in) is routed through ffms2 regardless of Options->Audio->Advanced setting. Which means that instead of 1 minute I have to wait 30 minutes while a 700MB built-in AC3 5.1 opens... 'twas fine with 2.1.3

  5. well, now I'll be always converting the audio for such lengthy movies with the foobar-player to a mono wav, then open it in Aegisub - works 10-100 times faster :-)

  6. I keep having trouble installing this and I'm not sure why, can sumbody help me pls?

  7. Every time i load a video audio it will not play, i have re encoded many times it is in avi format. it opens audio files without a problem i have searched the forums for help and have uninstalled and installed aegisubs again.Please can someone help me, i need the audio so i can time the subtitles for a music video.

  8. Blog comments aren't the place to ask for support. If you need help use our forums.

  9. Where can i find russian tranlation for gui interface?

  10. The latest translation files are here:

    The russian ones have "ru" in the name, you'll need all the files .mo for a language.

    But we always include all available translations when we make a release, unless a language hasn't been updated since 1.10 (and thus is very outdated.)

  11. A suggestion : writing subtitle's for languages like Arabic & Persian is very hard, specially when the need editing.
    Adding a Right to Left option for text editor solves this problem.
    Adding Right to Left tag in styles for applying on rendering time is also good (I know, rendering is not Aegisub job)

  12. Here is my mirror for the complete installer:

  13. I got problem exportin subtitle for Encore CS4, it says they aren't correct... there's a workaround or is it a bug ?

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